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Soflo Riders

Suede Green Hat Silicone Logo

Suede Green Hat Silicone Logo

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Irresistible Conscious Passion Fashion

Trucker hat made out of Alcantara suede material. The Soflo flag logo is made out of silicon and the closure is made out of used kite material.

We've repurposed kites and turned them into hats that are one-of-a-kind wearable pieces of art.

 Soflo Passion Fashion Wear aims to inspire people to champion environmental issues with conscious fashion.

 Alone it's not going to save the planet but will contribute to more social and environmental stewardship in an intensely wasteful world.

 Upcycling brings down carbon emissions and global warming contributions, influencing the lives of people, animals, and our planet ecosystems . 

 It allows for more creativity, uniqueness, and a sense of purpose whether using the kite parts for fabric, hat closures or simply as the Soflo Riders trademark.

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